• Children’s National Medical Center – Washington, DC

    Employer’s Perspective:

    It is important for Children’s National to support our lactating employees, because we are dedicated to providing comprehensive work-life benefits to more than 6,000 employees. As a leading pediatric healthcare facility, our team recognizes the overwhelming health benefits of breastfeeding and has dedicated resources to ensure a workplace that supports our employees who are nursing mothers. A worksite lactation program aligns with Children’s philosophy to encourage and support all employees in balancing work and family life.

    Employee’s Reaction:

    CNMC’s commitment to supporting employee lactation has made a difficult situation (coming back to work) monumentally easier. I most certainly would not be able to continue to nurse/pump without the facilities and support systems in place. Knock on wood, my 6 month old daughter hasn’t been sick yet and is growing and thriving, all because I am able to continue to nurse and pump while at work. It means a lot to her and me.

    Laura Olivieri, MD

    I love the resources the hospital provides for lactating mothers. Between the lactation suites (complete with refrigerator), hospital grade pumps free from HR, and a dedicated lactation consultant, my transition back to work has been fairly easy. I cherish the time that I spend nursing my daughter and am grateful that I work in a community that recognizes the importance of breastfeeding. Thank you CNMC!
    Jackie Sheppard,
    Clinical Pharmacist