Seeking Nominations for the 10th Annual
    Regional Breastfeeding-Friendly Workplace Awards
    and 6th Annual Healthcare Professional Awards

    August 2, 2019

    The Maryland and DC Breastfeeding Coalitions are currently seeking nominations for their 10th Annual Breastfeeding-Friendly Workplace Awards and 6th Annual Healthcare Professionals Awards. All Maryland and DC area businesses and Healthcare Provider offices (OB, Pediatric, Family Practice, etc.) committed to supporting breastfeeding in the workplace are encouraged to apply.

    Studies show that worksite support of employees enrolled in a company- provided lactation support program is a Win-Win situation. Employers benefit through increased rates of retention, employee satisfaction and morale. Mothers and babies also benefit from decreased health care and insurance costs, and a reduction in sick leave requests to care for an ill child.

    Because of these demonstrated benefits, both the Affordable Care Act and the District of Columbia’s Human Rights Act require businesses to provide a clean, private space, and flexible, reasonable unpaid breaks for women to express their milk during work hours without discrimination. Despite these requirements, many businesses still do not provide the necessary support for breastfeeding mothers.

    Since 2010, over 120 businesses have received the Breastfeeding- Friendly Workplace Award. The Healthcare Professional Awards, which began in 2014, have been awarded to healthcare provider offices. These awards recognize demonstrated support for breastfeeding through a conducive office environment and education of fellow healthcare professionals, office staff and families.

    To nominate your business or Healthcare Provider office, please go to the DCBFC website or MBC website by September 30, 2019.

    • Employees may nominate their employers but must have consent from the business to have a site visit conducted to confirm the nomination.
    • Businesses previously awarded at the Bronze or Silver level are eligible for nomination if seeking a higher level of recognition.
    • Applications will be reviewed by Coalition Workplace Committee members and assigned points according to specific criteria.
    • Workplace site visits will occur and winner will receive their awards on November 15, 2019. Bronze, Silver, and Gold winners will be publicly announced on the MBC and DCBFC websites and our other social media sites.

    DCBFC and MBC are nonprofit organizations that unite breastfeeding advocates, healthcare providers, and families to provide a forum for the development and exchange of resources to foster the establishment of breastfeeding as the normal way to nurture infants.

    Please join us as we continue to recognize places of business and health care providers, which jointly honor their employees’ and patients’ commitment and contributions to their place of employment and to the health and future of their children. Contact Dr. Jessica Nash at jnash@dcbfc.org or workplaceaward@mdbfc.org for any questions.