• On the Road to Improved Breastfeeding Support” provides an explanation of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI). This module was created by the Maryland Breastfeeding Coalition and is directed toward private practice healthcare providers. It clarifies how the BFHI is aimed at improving breastfeeding support for mothers and babies who initiate breastfeeding to provide for them the best chance to succeed in this venture. Even if the hospital in your community is not working toward the Baby Friendly certification, this is a valuable educational tool provides insights that you’ll find helpful as you care for breastfeeding families and work amongst hospitals following Maryland’s Hospital Breastfeeding Policies.

    Please view this short module to learn more about the BFHI and breastfeeding supportive care, including information on how the BFHI supports non-breastfed infants, and how healthcare providers can easily work in conjunction with hospitals as they improve practices to achieve better health outcomes for our littlest patients.