• Welcome to the Maryland Breastfeeding Coalition

    We are health professionals, moms, educators, policy-makers, organizations, businesses and others who promote, protect, and support breastfeeding. We have been assisting breastfeeding families and professionals since 2002. The Maryland Breastfeeding Coalition is a member coalition of the United States breastfeeding Committee.

    Our Mission

    To improve Maryland citizens’ health by working collaboratively to protect, promote, and support breastfeeding.

    Our Vision

    In order to achieve optimal health, enhance child development, promote knowledgeable and effective parenting, support women in breastfeeding and make optimal use of resources, we envision breastfeeding as the norm for infant and child feeding throughout Maryland.

    Executive Officers

    President: Gay Bearzi
    Past President: Elizabeth Flight
    Vice President: Nancy McAlduff
    Secretary: Amy Resnik
    Treasurer: Dana Silver
    Website Director: Kathleen Buckley
    Social Media Director: Jennifer Callaghan

    Board of Directors

    Healthcare Provider Rep: Liliana Simon
    WIC Rep: Danya Benton
    Lactation Consultant Rep: Susan Weyer
    Western Maryland Rep: Karen Dacy
    At-Large Reps: Edward Bartlett, Eve Hurwitz, Deborah Lang, Katy Linda