• Strathmore – Baltimore, MD

    Employer’s Perspective:

    It is important for us to support our lactating employees because an important part of Strathmore’s Guiding Principles is our investment in our team. Providing support to lactating employees helps us retain valuable staff members, and reduces the need for those employees to take sick days to take care of unwell children. For Strathmore, this makes good people sense and good business sense

    Site Inspector’s Comments:

    Strathmore of course allows staff to pump in their office, but there is also a specific room that can be used and a dressing room that is used on a different floor, in case the “pumping room” is busy or one of the performers needs a space. In addition, all of the “first tier” ushers know where the space to pump or feed is, in case there is a guest/audience member who would want to feed during a performance. I thought the accommodations that they made for every possible entrant into their facility were exceptional.