• Howard County General Hospital

    Employer’s Perspective:

    • As a hospital, we want to promote optimal health for our employees and their families. We are committed to breastfeeding support. We have many employees that have chosen to breastfeed. We promote 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding whenever possible, and especially want to make this achievable for our own employees. We are excited to have a room that is comfortable, clean, safe, and private; solely dedicated to pumping.

    • I love the room. I think its great and enjoy being able to pump in peace. I would suggest a hook to hang your coat on, everything else is perfect.

      Employee’s Reaction:

    • Being able to pump at work in a designated room promotes privacy and comfort. It gives me the feeling that my employer is invested in my well being as a parent. I intend to continue to exclusive breastfeeding until my baby’s 6 months, and having access to this utility surely helps. My baby’s 4 months now and thanks to HCGH; I’ve been able to work full time while keeping her exclusively on breast milk.
    • I think this is great to have. It gives breastfeeding mothers a nice environment to pump.