• Office of Personnel Management

    At the Office of Personnel Management in Washington, DC, John Berry, the Secretary of OPM pushed for the idea to get a new lactation room as they were renovating the entire health unit. Their previous lactation room had been in existence for several years. Director of Planning and Wellness Projects, Jonathan Foley oversaw the project. Jennifer Norman, an employee and Division Chief of the Retirement Unit, previously used the room for two of her children, spanning a total of about 4 years. She was excited to see that the room finally has a comfortable chair! More and more employees are using the room, so that now they must set a schedule. “The assistance and support of RN Brenda Conway, the nurse on the Health Unit, has been very helpful,” says Ms. Norman. Pictured from left to right, Jennifer Norman, Dr. Sahira Long (of the DC Breastfeeding Coalition), Nurse Brenda Conway and Jonathan Foley. OPM received a Gold Breastfeeding-Friendly Workplace Award.