• Shady Grove Adventist Hospital

    Since the 2012 Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Award SGAH has added the following:

    • There is now a lending library.
    • The lactation consultant’s office number and e-mail posted in the pump rooms so that the employees are free to call to borrow information, etc.
    • Employees have free in-house lactation support both pre- and postnatally.
    • The lactation consultants make daily visits to the pump rooms and answer the questions/concerns posted on the message board.
    • Employees are provided with personal pumps that are covered by their insurance companies and they are given to the employee prior to discharge by our outpatient lactation services.
    • A lactation consultant attends new employee orientation luncheons (held every two weeks) and informs them of the breastfeeding policy, the Affordable Health Care Act and the pump room policies so they have all the information prior to their first days on the unit!