• Virginia Hospital Center

    Employer’s Perspective:

    Virginia Hospital Center is proud to provide three, private employee lactation rooms outfitted with hospital grade pumps. Prior to maternity leave, employees receive a packet about the lactation rooms and instructions on how to get a free attachment kit. Upon return to work, they receive all the details, access to a shared calendar, information about on-site breastfeeding support groups, and the number for the lactation consultant warm-line. The Hospital believes that providing employee lactation rooms is an important benefit, can be a deciding factor for new hires, and improves employee retention.

    Employee’s Reaction:

    • Thank you so much! The room is wonderful and such a great benefit to the employees, especially since my other PRN job doesn’t have one and it’s a huge pain when I go there!
    • Thanks so much for your emails. You’ve already made me feel a whole lot better about coming back to work and pumping.
    • Wow, thank you for this amazing courtesy. I was blown away by actually having a private place to pump so my “little” can have milk.
    • This is much nicer than pumping in the break room!
    • Such great ideas to include a bulletin board, the poster with breastfeeding benefits on it, the hand out for handling milk, having a radio in there…you thought of every detail! It has been so nice to not have to pump in a treatment room where I don’t know what ailments the last patient had, or to be in my boss’s office where she could walk in and need her space at any minute.