• University of Maryland Medical Center

    Located in Baltimore, MD

    Employer’s Perspective:

    As an organization, we support and encourage our employees to pump when they return to work and strongly advocate for women as we realize the challenges for working mom’s to continue to exclusively breastfeed those first 6 months of life!  It is hard work and especially challenging for working moms! Through partnership with our human resources team and the women’s and children’s expert nursing and lactation staff who are passionate about breastfeeding, we not only have a wonderful lactation lounge centrally located that any employee or student can access, but also we provide hospital grade pumps and the support and consultation of our lactation team.  We are available to our employees through email, personal consult, and by phone.  Several departments have moved to create flex lactation spaces closer to the work site as well – this is evident in our new space in OB and some of the various nursing units and administrative suites throughout the hospital.

    Employee’s Perspective:

    • It was wonderful to see the new improvements they have added within the last 3-4 years since I have been here last.
    • I am most impressed by the pumping pods they put on the ground floor of the hospital that are open to any hospital employee, patient or the nearby business employees…. it is a great and impressive community service.