• Perkins Eastman

    Located in Washington, DC

    Employer’s Perspective:

    There are quantitative benefits to providing a lactation/wellness room. Recruiting and retaining talent is one of the most critical challenges for employers. Creating ways to support new mothers’ successful return to the workforce is an obvious retention strategy. The savings realized by having an employee return after maternity leave is a huge benefit over the cost of finding and training a new employee.

    Employee’s Perspective:

    I’ve heard horror stories of other mothers breastfeeding in mechanical rooms and cold dusty storage rooms, and not being able to continue breastfeeding for very long, as a direct result of the space that they were in. Our wellness room is the polar opposite – this makes for a very comfortable and also functional space for pumping. I feel relaxed and at home, and I’m certain this environment has contributed to my ability to keep pumping after coming back to work for a year and counting!