• Fahrney-Keedy Senior Living Community

    Located in Boonsboro, MD

    Employer’s perspective:

    Fahrney-Keedy embraces the values of caring, respect, and teamwork. We are committed to supporting breastfeeding and offering a dedicated Lactation Room for our new mothers who wish to pump during their work hours is one of the many ways we can demonstrate a healthy working environment.

    Employee’s perspective:

    I was nervous about coming back to work after having my son because I was unsure of where I would pump and how I could fit pumping into my already busy schedule. Fahrney-Keedy went through great lengths to make sure the room was accommodating. The microwave in there meant that I could eat my meals while pumping and therefore, I would be able to pump for a longer duration of time. The refrigerator meant that I wouldn’t have to worry about how to keep my breastmilk cold until I got home. The sink and bottle drying rack made it so that I could wash and sterilize all of my equipment. I am grateful to Fahrney-Keedy for providing breastfeeding mothers a private and quiet place to pump so that we can come to work and take care of our babies.