• 2018 Temple Isaiah

    Employer’s Perspective:

    As an institution grounded in and espousing Jewish values, the support of the family life of employees of Temple Isaiah is a sacred commitment we make. This extends naturally to doing everything possible to support our employees as they are in the process of establishing families. We offer flexibility of time and space, and commit to doing our best to support the child-nurturing decisions our staff and membership make, and this very certainly includes doing everything possible to enable our employees who are breastfeeding to take whatever steps necessary to continue for as long as they deem appropriate. – Senior Rabbi

    Employee’s Perspective:

    I feel very blessed to have been fully supported while nursing and pumping for my three children in my role as a full-time employee at Temple Isaiah. I doubt I would have been able to achieve my pumping goals without the flexibility to close my door and take time to pump as needed throughout the day or store my milk in the fridge. As a congregation, we are committed to supporting families through all stages of life, which makes it so important to me that the life stages and family needs of staff members are recognized and respected. – Family Educator