• 2018 Sinai Hospital

    Employer’s Perspective:

    Supporting breastfeeding in the workplace has been a positive experience because it has led to higher productivity for returning mothers. In addition, it has helped with retention of employees and an increased level of loyalty and engagement. Also, because of the health impact of breastfeeding for infants and toddlers, there are fewer days of absence due to the need to care for ill children. – VP Human Resources

    Employee’s Perspective:

    Being a breastfeeding employee at Sinai Hospital is a good experience. There are two lactation suites with a rocker, relaxing lighting and a sink so you do not have to wash your pump parts out in public spaces. There is a sign-in sheet by security and a locking door that pulls up an “occupied” sign, so you do not have the added stress of being walked in on. I never experienced any poor treatment from management relating to the time needed to pump, etc. Sinai Hospital has been very accommodating to my needs as a nursing mother.- Copywriter