• 2018 Pikesville High School

    Employer’s Perspective:

    At PHS, we strive to make our school user-friendly for all of our stakeholders, as it is truly a “home away from home” for many. This is one way we choose to celebrate our “PHS Teacher Moms” who selflessly share their time and talent servicing the children of other Moms all day. Providing this opportunity is our reasonable responsibility in perpetuating and honoring motherhood, as well as promoting a positive professional environment for all. Our teachers and their children are part of our extended school family and are deserving of the best accommodations available to them for this important opportunity to promote the health and wellbeing of their loved ones. It took very little on the school’s part to create this lactation space. In so doing, however, it has seemingly made our wonderful “Teacher Moms” feel understood, cared for, and appreciated. We are honored to serve our amazing staff in this meaningful way; they give so much of themselves to others! – Principal

    Employee’s Perspective:

    Breastfeeding can be full of challenges – logistical, physical, and emotional. Having a dedicated, private space that allows mothers access to a clean, personal area, sink, and refrigerator has helped to mitigate those challenges for me. I am so grateful that the administrators at Pikesville High School believe in the importance of breastfeeding enough to support the creation of a lactation area in our second floor faculty room for our teachers, staff, and visitors to use. – Teacher, PHS