• 2018 Kaiser Permanente

    Employer’s Perspective:

    Kaiser Permanente’s OBGYN practice, located in Georgetown, supports their breastfeeding patients in a variety of different ways. In the patient rooms, they display posters, pamphlets, pictures, and photographs of breastfeeding mothers. They also have educational resources for parents to learn more about breastfeeding, which they provide mothers during the beginning of their pregnancy and during their 28-week appointment. Patients are allowed to nurse in the patient rooms or there is also a designated lactation room available for a more private setting. Prenatally, the office refers mothers to breastfeeding preparation classes that occur in multiple Kaiser Permanente offices across the city. The office has a direct relationship with the KP Pediatrics office that follows up with mothers within 48 hours after discharge and will refer a mother to an onsite lactation consultant if she is experiencing lactation issues. KP also has breast pumps available that they provide to mothers, which staff directly distribute in the office and provide instruction on how to use them.