• Visit Baltimore

    Employer’s Perspective:

    Visit Baltimore is mainly composed of private offices, so mothers who pump are able to use the privacy of their own office. They added locks to the doors for privacy. The newest breastfeeding mother also conference calls from her office if a meeting happens to fall during one of her scheduled pumping times, so that she can still participate in the meeting, while not compromising her schedule. Employees can work remotely part time if needed. We do whatever we can to make our nursing mothers comfortable, and understand it’s a priority in their daily schedule and important to them and their families!

    Employee’s Perspective:

    Visit Baltimore has been super accommodating to me as a new nursing mother. I have my own office and they provided a door jam so that no one can enter my office when I’m pumping. It’s readily accepted that I have three times a day reserved when I can’t make meetings or have been given the opportunity to call in to meetings from my office while I’m pumping.