• Hirsch Pediatrics

    Physician Perspectives:

    Hirsch Pediatrics proudly supports breastfeeding and new moms with our “Thriving Baby, Healthy Mom Program.” Designed by Dr. Hirsch in partnership with ICBLC Alexandra “Alex” Walker, the goal of the program is to provide support to breast feeding moms and to promote successful nursing and bonding. In our custom designed breast feeding lounge, all new moms are invited to meet with Alex for an extended 90 minute initial appointment and as many follow-up appointments as needed. To increase breastfeeding success rates, Alex is also available without charge for lactation e-mail and telephone support. Hirsch Pediatrics also has a strong focus on the diagnosis and management of postpartum depression. Thus at all appointments through the 2 month check-up, we administer the Edinburgh Postpartum Depression Survey, discus the results, and provide home management strategies and referrals if needed.

    Family Perspective:

    Mom #1: I owe the success of my breastfeeding relationship with my daughter to Alex’s support and encouragement.  It was my top priority to be successful in breastfeeding my daughter, but this did not come as easy as I had hoped.  Alex was a wonderful resource and support system, and she provided me with an actionable plan to work through some of my breastfeeding issues.  I am grateful for Alex’s help in reaching my breastfeeding goal.

    Mom #2: The lactation services at Hirsch Pediatrics is not only convenient having it in office, but extremely helpful. Being a Mother of my fourth nursing baby, one might think I wouldn’t need any help in the nursing department, that’s not the case. Every nursing baby is different with their own specific needs and mothers concerns….Alex personally worked with me and my husband to create the best nursing experience for my daughter and I….Alex helped me and my daughter set our own personal goals around our nursing needs. Alex continues to follow up with me, and is a continued available support throughout this healthy nursing journey for us both. We are so grateful for the lactation services with Hirsch Pediatrics.