• Midwives of Medstar

    Employer’s Perspective:

    Our midwifery team has consistently demonstrated professional and political support for breastfeeding. Midwives of Medstar led the way for our department with lactation education and breastfeeding support, prompting Medstar Washington Hospital Center’s journey (currently in progress) to becoming a Baby-Friendly Hospital. Our midwives have exceptional lactation skills and established a new standard for our department in the expected level of professional competence in breastfeeding skills for all providers. Our team incorporates breastfeeding education and skill-building from the first visit, continuing throughout the prenatal course. To ensure success in the initial period after delivery, our team routinely practices delayed cord clamping and immediate uninterrupted skin-to-skin contact. We also decided to increase the frequency of our rounds with patients after delivery, from the standard once in 24 hours to a minimum of three times in 24 hours. We also routinely see mothers at either week one or two, rather than waiting for six weeks, to assess breastfeeding. Our approach not only focuses on the benefits of human milk for the well-being of both women and their infants, but also one that supports the transition to motherhood.