• 07.31.2017

    Nominations are now open for the 8th Annual Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Awards and the 4th Annual Healthcare Provider Office Awards.
    The Maryland Breastfeeding Coalition (MBC) and the DC Breastfeeding Coalition (DCBFC) join hands once again to recognize work sites within the District, Maryland and Northern Virginia who are committed to promoting and protecting their female employees’ rights to provide human milk to their infants as long as they may choose. Ninety-seven businesses have been honored with this award since 2010. The Coalitions will also be recognizing Healthcare Provider offices (OB, Pediatric and Family Practice) that promote and support breastfeeding through the combination of a conducive office environment and education of healthcare professionals, office staff and families. Please see and share our press release and nomination forms for the Workplace Awards and Healthcare Provider Offices Awards .


Walter Reed National Military Medical Center is Baby Friendly!
Congratulations to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for becoming Maryland’s 8th hospital to achieve the prestigious Baby Friendly Hospital status! Now 25% of Maryland Hospitals offering maternity care have earned this designation. Baby Friendly recognizes hospitals that have set and reached standards for supporting breastfeeding to give mothers receiving care at those facilities the best chance of meeting their breastfeeding goals. Click here for more information on Baby Friendly Hospitals.
Free CME – DHMH Sponsored Breastfeeding Webinars
Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has posted a series of six 1-hour pre-taped webinars. DHMH worked with MBC to identify speakers and topics.
Maryland mPINC Score Rising
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) national survey of Maternity Practices in Infant Nutrition and Care (mPINC) assesses infant feeding care processes, policies, and expectations of staff in maternity care settings. The state of Maryland’s mPINC score has been improving over the past few years. It increased from 61 in 2007 to 82 in 2015, and is now 13th out of 53. For more information on mPINC, view the report and watch the video developed by the CDC.